Responsive Web Design – Why it Matters!

In my ongoing search to find a truly responsive wordpress theme to update Peter Reali’s website, I looked at tons of websites out there, and was shocked to find so many lacking in responsiveness.  By this I mean, how does a website look on a mobile device? Corey Messom VP, Interactive at Fuel Advertising stresses that 50% of web traffic is on mobile devices, and that the number of global mobile users will likely overtake desktop users by 2014.   Think of all the ADs out there looking at your portfolio from a smart phone, and not being able to upload, view, navigate or swipe your images quickly and efficiently.  If you are in the process of redesigning your website I would highly recommend that you design “Mobile First”.  No matter how creative or interesting you want your website to be, if it isn’t mobile friendly, it isn’t worth doing.  The days of “Flash” are sadly over.  Making a separate App for mobile seems expensive and cumbersome.  Lots of developers and themes out there make claims to being responsive, and actually are not.  Try the test yourself:

“Basic Testing for Responsive Web Design”  (image courtesy,MSDN.10).gif

Your full layout and content must scale to as much screen real estate as is available.  Great design ensures that your users have a great experience on their mobile devices!  Try it on your current website.

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